I hate axe but the hateful and racist comments are why we need ads like this.

The first comment is from a member of the U.S. military.

Notice his use of the islamophobic slur, h*ji. This is how the United States is able to carry out their destruction in the Middle East and everywhere else they decide to spread imperialism. By reducing other people to subhuman evil-doers and using slurs to perpetuate this outlook.

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Sign Language Rings Convert Gestures To Speech

"Here’s how the rings work, in a nutshell. There are three detatchable rings that are worn on the the thumb and first two fingers of each hand, as well as a bracelet. As the user signs out whatever they want to say, the translation is then spoken through a digitized voice that comes from the bracelet. I’m not sure if it works real time or not, but that’s still some pretty amazing stuff. And that’s not all…

"The gesture-to-speak aspect works fine when the hearing-impaired person wants to talk to someone else, but what about vice versa? The bracelet carries the double duty of turning sound into text that runs across an LED display. 


Coolest thing ever.

genius genius!!!!

THIS is the future.

Them hands look like gang signs lol

in the 2nd image, his fingers are spelling out “Blog”… its a nerd gang sign

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This is what defines a creative person, not just ideas


I’ve always believed that those who are truly creative are easy to spot, not only because they have great ideas, but because they work hard.

Yet, I could never really express why I believed that sentiment. I only knew in my gut that it was true. Now I think I’ve figured out exactly why…

The creative processing your brain won't tell you about


We’ve known for some time that our senses detect an inordinate amount of signals. More than we’re ever aware of.

Now new research is showing exactly how much of the things we don’t realize we’re sensing are being interpreted by our subconscious. And the findings shed light not only into how…


These stretches are so good for your back, arms and shoulders. I do them every time after Kettlebell training or my crazy plank circuits. It feels so good.

Stretch It Out!

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“every year, unknowingly, we pass the anniversary of our future death.”

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The #icons that screw up our days :P(via interaction design)


The #icons that screw up our days :P
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